Man’s best friend, indeed

I came down from my office to take a break. There’s a tea stall not too far away from my office building. Probably just some 50 steps away. Tea stalls are a common sight in India. Almost every street has one. Apart from tea, they also serve some snacks, biscuits, cigarettes and some other such petty eatables, drinkables and smoke-ables. Though we have tea and coffee machines at work, me and some of my colleagues prefer to drink tea from this tea stall because

  1. It’s an excuse to leave our cabins
  2. Involves walking, best way to catch a break
  3. The guy at the tea stall serves pretty good lemon tea
  4. Our office does not have a smoking room

So there we were, having lemon tea and smokes and from far away, I see this kid riding this cart. And I was so amused to see that dog sitting in front. I told my colleagues to turn around and take a look.

As the kid came a bit closer. I told the kid to stop. At that moment the dog became alert. He was watching my every move. May be he thought I would mean harm to his master. I told the kid I’m gonna take a picture. Now, kids are exuberant, and they won’t hesitate to get a picture taken. He instantly agreed. I didn’t have my camera with me at that moment. Who would’ve though that I would come across such a sight while I went for a break? So I took out my Sony Ericsson C510 (yup I still use it) and took this shot.

dog in cart vehicle wordpress
Man’s best friend and his master. I’m sure the dog knew what I was going to do the moment I took out my phone and got into position for this shot. Only that’s when he seemed a bit relaxed but was still watching me by turning his head where ever I moved. Probably just to make sure that he’s looking at the camera when I capture it. I mean come on, when you know that some one is taking your picture you get concerned and try to look your best right?

4 thoughts on “Man’s best friend, indeed

  1. That’s a beautiful shot with you older cam! Wonderful story to read this morning as I just woke up and enjoying my homemade Chai Tea that friends from India taught me to make at a Vipassana Center (meditation) here in the U.S. :O)

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