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We both were travelling together. It was my cousin’s wedding that we were going to attend in another city called Hyderabad. My mom had stayed back, as my brother had to stay back because of his examinations. The train departed in the evening and we were scheduled to reach our destination next morning around 7am.

I don’t get sleep while travelling in trains. I just can’t. I might doze of a bit because of tiredness, may be for a few minutes, but i cannot sleep at a continuous stretch. Because of which I was up early in the morning. Around 5am, and took my camera out, to shoot some random stuff. Sometime later my dad woke up. Our sleeper berths were opposite to each other. He was looking out the window. When I saw this I though to my self “I must be a jack ass if I miss this”. That’s when I took this picture of him. I got it framed when I returned back to my city from the wedding, Chennai.

dad wordpress
My father, looking out of the train window. You will be surprised when you see us both. It’s difficult to say that we’re father and son. I’m fat, flabby. He’s all muscle, perfect abs. Hell if he didn’t have that partial baldness, you would say i look older than him.

9 thoughts on “DAD

  1. Maravillosa toma, has captado perfectamente a un hombre pensando, sin percatarse de que le tomaban la foto. ¡Me gusta! Ah, y si te veo parecido a tu padre, solo que tu eres joven, y eso se nota. Saludos

    Wonderful capture, you have caught perfectly a man thinking, without noticing that they were taking the photo. I like it! Ah, and if I see your father similar, only that your you are a young woman, and it is obvious. Regards

    1. Thanks so much manoli. Yes most of our features match, like the shape of fingers, ears, and even mental attitude. But if you see us together, you will say he looks younger. Same is the case with my mom too.

  2. Excellent! I feel like I am seated directly across from your dad! You captured this moment beautifully!! I love both the the story and photo! Thanks for sharing!

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