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A picture of hardwork

Ever come across a person who just by looking at you would say “that person’s been through so much in life”? Happens, right? Happened to me too.

It’s a hill station in Tamilnadu, India,  called Yelagiri. In the local language, tamil, yelu means seven, giri means peaks. This particular hill station has got seven peaks, thus the name yelagiri. Me and my colleagues from work chose this as a spot for a retreat trip away from daily life. This is the shot of a guide who helped us find the way through the forest when we went trekking. I could see from all those wrinkle lines on his face the kind of hardship the man must be going through. It’s fun for us, it’s new for us, it’s exercise  for some of us. But for this old man, it’s his living. For his age, this line of work might not actually be something that he would love to do. But he has to do it.

trekking guide old man wordpress
Walking in the hot sun, climbing those rocky paths, long climb up the hill is all fun for us. But for this old man, at this old age, it’s his living.

7 thoughts on “A picture of hardwork

  1. hi irfan. i love your image. would you allow me to use your photograph for a website for an NGO working amongst elderly population in Pune. This NGO is in its starting stage. will give you details once you connect back.

    1. Hi Ronald, thanks for showing interest in my image. All my images are creative commons. So feel free to use them as long as it’s not for commercial purpose. I only request that you credit me as the artist, and link back to my blog. To know more about licensing, check here http://wp.me/P2doZL-gv

  2. Wonderful post and photo! I really enjoyed it! You really bring out the character in the people through your photos and stories. Thank you for sharing his and your story.

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