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A Face that made my day

Just one. That is all I need. When I step out on the streets with my camera, I’m just out there to surprise my self. A lot of faces that I come across fascinate me. Most of them make me approach the person who owns it and ask them for permission to pose for me. I shoot countless number of faces every time I photo walk, but out of all those many faces one will stand out. One which makes my day. One which makes me feel glad despite some people thinking of me as an annoying weirdo with a camera. One that makes me realize that all that walking in the hot sun, dust and pollution is for what I love to do. One which makes me tilt my head up and say “thank you”.

This picture is once such face. I was walking under a bridge where some fruit sellers had opened up their own petty shops. The shade from the hot sunny afternoon felt like heaven. Some people had parked their bikes for a break. It is this opportunity that the fruit sellers seize to make a living. This man was one of the fruit sellers. I was doing a lot of candid shots there but when I saw this guy, I just couldn’t help going up to him and asking for a picture. I didn’t speak. I just lifted up my index finger with a slight sideways nod, lifting up my camera in the other hand asking in sign language “May I?” He too just nodded saying “Yes”. And I grabbed this one. When I browsed through all the shots of that day in my computer, this one stood out, just as I had predicted.


priceless face that made my day wordpress
A face that made my day, that made me think, that made me smile, that made me tilt my head up and say “thank you”

12 thoughts on “A Face that made my day

  1. Hello – I have seen your photos for the first time today. I saw this on PhotoBotos – It is a very strong and brilliant portrait. I have been looking at some of your other great photos too. I admire your photography and will be back again!

  2. It’s photos like this (especially portraits) that make me wish I had this skill. Apart from so many other GREAT shots on this site this in particular makes me excited. It’s emotive, strong (and soft at the same time), a superb use of B&W. Congratulations, really well done.

    1. Glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by and thank you so much for your comments. Your words made me feel encouraged.

  3. Love this shot. Not only the face but the play of light and shadow. There’s just something about me that is afraid to impose on someone as you do. But then you would have missed the shot. I’ve got to be more outgoing with my camera, not be afraid so much.

    1. Thanks paul. Initially, i too felt the same way as you. I started doing candids, but the thirst for capturing the true essence of a face made me walk up to strangers and ask them for a shot. You’ll actually be surprised to see the number people who interact well. Some almost instantly agree to be shot, some are puzzled by my behavior but still let me take a shot, some just down right refuse. I just apologize and walk away from people if they feel uncomfortable.

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