Lady at the station

I was travelling to another city, Hyderabad, in a train with my family. In the evening I took my camera out and started taking shots. The train came to halt at a station. That’s when my mom pointed out this lady to me. She said “take a picture of that old lady with the bag”.

This lady was sitting there. From the expression I can say that she was clue less. May be she didn’t even know the reason for her being there.

old woman with bag 1 wordpress
The old lady sat there on the railway station platform with her bag


old woman with bag 2 wordpress
The old lady continued to sit there. I was waiting for her to turn. Turn towards me so that I can take a picture of her with her face clearly visible.


old woman with bag 3 wordpress
Then it happened. The old lady, sitting at the platform with her bag, stood up and turned towards me. I immediately hit that shutter button.


old woman with bag 4 wordpress
Something wasn't right. I could tell right away by looking at her expression. All I could see was confusion.


old woman with bag 5 wordpress
Time to leave. My train started to move from the station. The old lady too was about to pick up that bag and move. God knows to where.

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