washing lady wordpress

Cleaning Chores

I was trying to take a portrait shot of someone who I came across from the street. And in the background I saw this. A lady, busy, washing clothes. It was a slum area where I was doing my photo walk this time and I think this place is supposed to be her back yard. It was more of a dump. A huge empty ground covered with garbage. Across which I saw this lady washing clothes. This candid was very easy to take as I zoomed in from a real far distance this time to get this one. Thanks to that garbage yard in between us and my trusty Nikon L120.

washing lady wordpress
Lady washing clothes. Must be a house wife of that house behind her.

9 thoughts on “Cleaning Chores

  1. I will never again complain that my house or my yard is a mess. Thank you for these shots. I want to sit and take the time to actually study each one. Though these people may not live in the best of circumstances, you have captured a feeling of joy in most, a common humanity.

    1. You read my pictures like a book paul. I’m so glad to hear that. It gives me immense joy when i connect with people using my pictures as a medium. With both my subjects as well as audience. Thanks so much. Keep visiting.

  2. ¡No debería pasar que halla personas allí, aquí y en todo el mundo que aún sigan viviendo en estas circunstancias, tu foto impresionante, capta perfectamente, la vida tan dura que llevan, un abrazo Irfan

    It should not happen that there is people here and around the world who are still living in these circumstances, your photo impressive, perfectly captures the hard life they lead, a hug Irfan

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