sad old lady candid wordpress

Whispering Emotions

This time I thought to myself. “Lets not ask anyone for a picture, let’s be a ghost.” And so I started to walk down a street. I came across some interesting faces. This lady is one of them. I zoomed in on her from quite a distance. She was busy talking to her customers, selling flowers. I could not get a clear shot of her as she was moving, involved in conversation, trying to strike a deal. May be something made her realize that she’s being watched. She looked towards me, and I jumped on that shutter button like a cat pouncing on a mouse.

Only when I came back home and loaded out the images on my computer, I realized that her eyes were whispering. They seem to whisper sadness. May be she failed to strike a deal with the customer she was talking to. I wasn’t paying any attention to her customer, all my focus was on this lady.

sad old lady candid wordpress
Sad old lady. Had I approached her for this shot, I would've never been able to capture this emotion.

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