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Learn to laugh at yourself

Myself and the guy in this shot, both burst out laughing when we saw this picture in my camera screen. LOL. What happened was, I had taken some shots of some of his friends earlier. Groups as well as singles. He came up to me and asked me for a close up shot. I agreed and clicked this.

the smug guy wordpress
The smug guy. We both cracked up laughing when we saw this.

The smug look that he gave in this picture got us amused. I was already controlling my laughter when I was taking this picture. Later when he saw the output on my camera screen, he laughed. And that made me lose control on my laughter. That guy knew to laugh at himself, and because of that, me and his other comrades were laughing along with him.

2 thoughts on “Learn to laugh at yourself

  1. así, la India es un país tropical. y, sobre todo, la ciudad en que vivo es un lugar muy caliente. temperatura más alta registrada ha a 40 grados. Tann personas son comunes ver.

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