Vendor lady

I shot this out of my car window, during my stay at my ancestral village. She was all full of joy and happiness as she was walking about the street talking to the women there, and selling those steel vessels over her head. She was balancing that huge basket over her head so well, making it look easy. She would only use her hands to keep the basket on her head or bring it down. I could also see that her smile was contagious. She was spreading it to the customers, the women she met on her way to sell her steel utensils.

vendor-lady wordpress
The vendor lady. Her smile was as if it was saying "I love what I do"


9 thoughts on “Vendor lady

    1. Es realmente difícil. Traté de equilibrar un montón de libros sobre mi cabeza. Yo apenas podía dar unos pasos. Pero esta mujer era capaz de caminar normalmente con ese peso.

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