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Wolf Princess

Hey guess what?! I can do this stuff with my left hand too. Screw you ‘minor’ set back of my life. IN YER’ FACE!!! 😀

Why am I making a big deal out of it? Some of my friends here must be already knowing. For those who don’t, well, long story short, I was riding my bike back from work last saturday, met with an accident, fractured my right hand, and now it’s mummified in plaster of Paris. Doctor said I’m disabled by my right hand. At least for a month.

I love art. I love making paintings. And i love photography. When combined they become digital art, or photo-manipulation, or what ever you want to name it. I’m not that good at it, digital paintings take at least 3-4hours in the making, takes a lot of effort and patience. But I love spending time in front of my system, working long hours, music playing along through my head phones, and some snacks to nibble on.

I’m right-handed and doing it with my left hand was not easy. It was frustrating to begin with. I couldn’t make the right strokes on the digital canvas. Gradually I started to make good progress. I took around 8 hours to do this.

wolf princess final logo wordpress
The wolf princes

4 thoughts on “Wolf Princess

  1. Aw! ‘M so sorry about the accident. I hope you heal pretty soon, and fast.
    Plus that picture is really lovely! I’d say your left hand is pretty awesome, and quick at learning.
    Keep the good work up:)

    Get better soon:)

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