The more, the merrier

When taking pictures with strangers, group portraits usually seem to work out better than single portraits. Because, when the subject is alone and their comrades are looking at them, they become conscious about how they might look on the camera. By doing so, they sometimes end up giving plastic expressions. Group portraits are fun.

Just another street shot wordpress
Well, they look serious in this. Probably it's the sun. At least these are not plastic smiles.
kids street group wordpress
It was the dear request of their mom that i taker their picture. How could i say 'no'?

6 thoughts on “The more, the merrier

  1. – Just takes your breath away doesn’t it, black and white parotgohphy sure gets to me emotionally. While I do like color photographs, they do not invoke in me the emotions that black and white parotgohphy always does.

  2. Fine shots, I really like the first photo precisely for the very serious aspect of the three guys.

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