kids playing on beach sand wordpress

Reality, when it’s most real

That’s the best part about candid photography. It brings out life just the way you see it. If done properly, one can actually read the mind of the subject in a candid photograph. I’m not talking about make-believe candids, I’m talking about candids on the go. Where the subjects never knew what hit em’.

These are some shots that I did at the famous marina beach of my city, Chennai. It was hot and sunny summer after noon at around 4pm. I set out with my camera to do my regular street life shots. When I realized that I’m not that far away from marina beach. I walked towards it. The vast stretch of sand, lot of people around who were too busy enjoying the beach, planted the though of me playing ghost and shooting candids.

hiding under cart shadow wordpress
To find shade from the hot sun a group of people had found refuge under the carts that were parked there.
kids playing on beach sand wordpress
candids + kids = pure innocence. I found them building sand castles, right next to people in the picture above. Probably they were all one family.
horse men beach wordpress
You'll find horse men in almost all the beaches of India. These horse men let the customers ride their horses. Pay per ride kind of thing. The one on right seems to have noticed me.
tarrot card and palm reader on beach word press
A tarot card and palm reader.

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