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Mosque at ancestral village

This is the shot of a mosque back at my ancestral village. This village, Banganapalli, is native to my grand parents. A little far away from the village, may be 5-7kms away, lies a hill. On top of which is this mosque built. It’s called “Maula ka pahaad”, meaning the hill of Maula.

maula ka pahaad wordpress
A flight of stairs that begin at the foot hill, to reach the mosque on the peak. To get a better shot I took this after reaching a bit closer to the mosque.


maula ka pahaad 2 wordpress
Entrance to the mosque


locks at entrance of mosque wordpress
At the mosque entrance door, you'll notice some locks on the chains that hang down from the top of the door. It's a belief that when people pray and place a lock on these chains, their wishes are granted. There are mosques in the city I live in but I have not seen this belief there.


guy sleepin in mosque wordpress
Past the entrance lies a huge court-yard. Which has trees, tombs, and resting place for people. This guy was resting in the shade of the tree.


MaulaKaPahaad interior veranda wordpress
Interior of the mosque


women talking word press
I clicked this while returning back. It's my mom and my aunts, talking. My mom's on the extreme right.

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