Bonus Shot (One click led to another)

I didn’t realize how this shot had come until I loaded it out in my computer. Notice the lady on the right in this shot. I was surprised to see the print of my earlier shot in her hands. I didn’t notice her holding it when I took this.

Bonus shot wordpress

I had made a painting of that shot she’s holding which was liked and appreciated by my viewers. I wanted to meet those guys again, give them the print and tell them how popular did their picture had become.

I couldn’t see them though. I could not find them in their regular spot, the spot where I had taken that shot. I ventured deeper inside the marked to see if I can find them. No luck. I enquired further from the vendors there and they pointed me to a lady. From the looks of her it felt like the people in the  print and the lady must be related to each other. She was very excited when I showed her the picture of her son and her daughter-in-law (apparently). And this time she made me take a picture of her along with her daughter (the one above) and her other son(the one below). Probably this is the younger son and the one in the print was her elder one.

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