Girl Power

I’m currently handling the IT department in a service industry. When it comes to service industry you can be sure of one thing. “Be available anytime to support your customer”. When I say anytime, I really mean it. Chennai (India) can be a very cruel place to spend the summer. Temperature in Chennai summers can soar up to 35-40 degrees. And if your job requires you to be on field, travelling back and forth to office and customer place, you know that it’s not a walk in the park.

This is a painting that I made for a colleague of mine. Revathi Moorthi, is a field biologist in my organisation (notice that her designation itself contains the word ‘field’). She’s one of the few women in our office whose profile involves visiting customer locations.

revathi-moorthi-wordpress field biologist

Most of the men in my office, unlike me, have profile that involves being on field, at customer locations, handling complaints and tantrums thrown at them by the customers. And I hear this a lot from them, “We’re the ones who are at the customer’s place, doing all the work, don’t know what the women at our office are up to.” I just ignore those people, because being an IT support and working together with various other departments, I have seen and observed the way women at our office strive to manage work and their families at the same time. I have seen them fighting for payment from bad paymasters, managing service scheduling and planning for a technicians, putting up with silly stupid mistakes of our sales team and repeatedly making them correct the mistakes that they keep on repeating, being available at customer places as and when needed to solve the issues and complaints.

Revathi moorthi is one such woman of our organisation. Her work profile includes conducting audits at customer places, educating customers about the kind of services we deliver, training our technicians to carry out services at customer locations.

2 thoughts on “Girl Power

  1. How sweet of you to realise the impact of the women in your organisation regardless of what other men think. Maybe you should tell those other men to let off the women on at least a week leave, for a start, and see what becomes of the organisation after that. Haha
    Nice painting:)

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