More smiles per click

People are like mirrors, you smile at them, and chances are they will reciprocate in kind. Atleast that is the case with me when i’m street hunting. I just move away from those that don’t. Not all oblige when a random stranger pop’s up with a camera and asks for a picture. However, You will be surprised to see the number of people who actually interact well.

Ain't she pretty, she gave this lovely smile when i asked her to. Probably she like the photos that i took of her with her co workers last time, you'll find it here.
Probably he learned to drive just recently. He was very excited about it though. I had already taken a picture of him earlier but he also wanted me to take a picture of him seated inside the truck that his employer had provided him to deliver fruits.
Just another happy bunch of people that work in a fruit market
How could i say no to such pretty eyes. Besides her mom was very particular that i take a picture of her. Probably she likes my pictures 😀
Judging from their looks, i think they are a family. And if that's true, this one's my first family-street portrait.
My personal favourite of the pictures in this post. I had to make a funny face when i asked him to smile to get this big smile from him.

9 thoughts on “More smiles per click

  1. Your street photographs are so penetrating… they remind me of the work of Diane Arbus whose photographs were so strong it was uncomfortable to look at them. You capture a unique relationship between the subject and the viewer. Thank you…

    1. Oh wow!! Thanks so much galen. That’s a huge compliment. Street photography is how I connect with these people. I have seen diane arbus’s work. I’m thrilled to realise that you find a similarity in them.

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