Spreading smiles

The one thing that makes me stick to street photography is the smiles that i get from people when they see their photographs. It’s rewarding. This time i went to those places for my photowalk where people are familiar with me. They know me, not by my name but for what I do. They’re quite comfortable with me taking their pictures and they give a smile with ease when I ask them.

She's a sweeper. Sweeps and picks up garbage wearing a uniform and a cap to protect from the sun and dust. This time when she saw me, she posed for me, voluntarily. You can see her with the uniform here. She's posing with her team.
They call him " The Indian thatha", Thatha, translated means grampa. How he got the name? The thatha part is obvious. There was a movie in tamil cinema, quite an old one, where the actor kamal hassan played the role of an old man. The name of the movie was "Indian". This grampa pretty much looks like the way kamal hassan looked in the movie. Thus the name "Indian thatha".
She was very excited when i showed her the picture of her son and her daughter-in-law. And this time she made me take a picture of her along with her other son. Probably this is the younger son and the other was her elder one. You can see the shot of her son and her daughter in law here.
He loves his mom so much that he wanted me to take a picture of him with her. She wasn't available there at that point of time. So he requested me to wait for her to come.

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