street kids fun

Kids, there's never a dull moment with them

This one time I went to parry’s corner. I’ve been in chennai for the past 10 years still I don’t know much about it. Honestly. My colleague was going thru some pictures of mine in office, i asked about locations which are good for some landscape or architectural shots around chennai. That’s when he suggested parry’s corner.

So there I was at Parry’s corner with a friend of mine. We were taking shots of the old buildings there, like the high court. That’s when a kid came up to us and asked to his take a picture of his. And soon along with him some bunch of other kids gathered and started asking for me to take a picture. That was a stroke of luck. Usually i go up to people and ask for photograph but this time it was the other way round. The kids were just exuberant. They were so interested in getting their picture taken.

I just mingled with them and became a kid among the kids. They were so excited to see the shots in the camera. All of the people passing by were looking at us, puzzled. Some were smiling looking at the racket that were all making. The photos below are the ones from this experience of mine.

Me and my friend, with the kids

7 thoughts on “Kids, there's never a dull moment with them

  1. I really love your pictures man! It brings me back memories from when I was in India. Sadly, I was quite young at the time and did not know how to master a camera, so there are no good pics from those two trips:( T

    1. Feeling’s mutual, i too have only memories of places that i had been when i was a kid. I would love to travel some of those locations once again so that i can capture those memories on film. Glad you liked my pictures, Thanks 🙂

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