Killing Boredom

I was attending my cousin’s marriage in Hyderabad. Usually it’s not that boring because we all cousins get together and have a blast. This just wasn’t one of those days. It was a boring lazy afternoon and I was getting bored to death. And so I took my camera and set out for a walk around the neighbourhood.

It was a long straight road down towards the park of that residential area. I was shooting some random pictures of houses, and small shops as i was walking down towards the park. A little far away, I spotted two women sweeping the road. There were leaves and small wild flowers scattered all over the road and these women were toiling in the hot sun, trying to clean to the road. After some time they had themselves seated under the shade of a tree. Me, the evil guy with a camera, could not resist disturbing them for a picture. I walked up to them and asked for a picture. One of the ladies was very shy and turnned away when I asked for a click. The other lady was a bit more sportive and agreed immediately. I got a shot of her. Here it is.

The sportive one

I just spoke to them for a while and started a small talk conversation with them, inquiring about the neighbourhood and the park that’s up ahead. Before I could leave, I just couldn’t help but try my luck at getting a shot of the other lady as well. I asked her again for a picture. This time she agreed and I got a shot of her as well, finally.

And the shy one. I did get a picture of her too, finally...

I continued walking down the line. I came across some more beautifully designed houses, some pretty looking flowers, wild flowers, and trees, and found a couple of frogs in a pond near by.

Frog1: Hey man 'sup? Frog2: Just hangin' 'round. F1: What do you think that dude's up to? F2: Beats me. F1: Anyway man, lets just play it cool. F2: Yeah... we're like so damn cool. F1: Oh F2: Cool.....

I did macro shots of them, oh by the way the flowed picture that I used to show the tutorial of the polygon lasso tool was shot during this walk of mine. But I was looking forward to do more street shooting. And to my luck, a watch man of one of the houses there came up to me and asked what i was up to.
“What are you doing sir?” he asked. I said “I spotted some chameleons just a while ago, they just disappeared the moment I took my camera out”
“I hope you know they change colors sir. They blend in and it’s very difficult to find them.”
“Ok so leave the chameleons, how about I take a picture of you”
“Oh, no sir please, what if it get published in a news paper”.
“Don’t worry. It won’t I don’t work for any news paper. Anyway, what’s wrong if it does? You’ll be as popular as a movie star.” He laughed at that lame joke of mine, and agreed for a shot. Here it is.

The watchman, or as they are called in the local language, the gurkhaas. Though reluctant to begin with, he did give a good smile when i clicked this shot.

I showed him his picture and he was so happy. He liked it. We shook hand and I started walking further.

A little further down the line I spotted this lady from a far who was heading towards the construction site there. I took this candid shot of hers.

Back to work

I started to retrace my steps back to my cousin’s home. That’s when I realised that since the beginning of this little photowalk of mine I was being followed. I was speaking to one of other watchmen there, that’s when I noticed him. Almost like he was waiting for me to speak to him. I asked him “what’s up”  and he started walking away. I thought to my self, ‘what a weirdo’, but then I called out to him. I asked him, if he would like his picture taken and he obliged, immediately. I took the shot and showed to him his picture and he liked it.

A weirdo who was stalking me through out my little photowalk.

I envied him for his thick bushy hair. If you ask me, he had a style. Be it the influence of the upcoming telugu (local language of andhrapradesh) movie heroes there or not, he definitely had style. I’m a partially bald guy. It’s hereditary, my dad and all of his brothers are partially bald, and it has been passed on down to me. If you are as unlucky as I’m you would understand and sympathize with me.

And thus ended my photowalk, I had easily killed around 2-3 hours of my time. I went back home for lunch after that walk and shared them with my cousins and relatives.

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