Old LIC Building

This is the shot of the old LIC building on the mount road, in Chennai. Oh btw, LIC stands of Life Insurance Corporation. It’s a big company all over India that handels life insurance policies for more than half the population in India. I was returning back after an afternoon meal from mount road with a friend of mine. We had taken my camera with us, you know, just in case we plan to make a photo-shoot. While returning I had to negotiate a U-turn and when I did, I saw this beauty standing right there. I have been in Chennai for past 10 years now. I have never seen or heard about this building before. It was new to me. I was on a pretty high-speed and hence could not stop immediately. I had to go more than half a kilometer further to spot a service lane and navigate my wy back to the building. And when I did, i patted my self on the back and said “good for you”. However the guard there did not allow us. He said it’s an old abandoned building and people tend to misuse of the abandonedness of it. I Had to make this shot just standing out of the gate. I wish i could go in and take some interior shots.

LIC Bulding on mount road, chennai

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