marina beach stall

Walking on Marina

Before you enter to the sea-shore of marina for a swim you’ll have these colorful stalls that sell refreshments. Some also sell toys for kids,  cheap jewelry, leather bags and stuff. The most prominent ones that you will come across are the refreshment stalls. This is the shot of one such stall that I took when I was at Marina beach.

Colorful stalls of Marina

Even in the evening, the beach is a really hot place. Unless you are swimming in the waves, the beach will seem sultry. Thus you’ll see a lot of such refreshment stalls. These sell packed cool drinks, ice creams and stuff. But i for one would like to relax in the lap of nature. And so, I go for the sugarcane juice.

I was getting tired going around with my tripod, taking shots around the beach when i saw this stall. There were many other sugar cane juice sellers but the had which this grampa was wearing attracted me to him.

He was a friendly guy. He liked it when i showed him the picture in my camera. I was just noticing the hat he was wearing, and asked him for a close up portrait shot. This is what I got.

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