kids puppy love

OMG!!! She smiled at me!!

I was in Cochin. For my official trip. The saturday was a half day at work and my colleagues from the Cochin branch office decided that we all go out together. On the way we had to pick up another one of our colleagues. We all stepped out of the car and were waiting for him to come out of this house. That’s when this happened.

Easily the worst processing I Ever did on an image. I couldn’t reconstruct it much because of the conditions that I took this shot.

  1. I had a point and shoot and couldn’t do much about the specs.
  2. I shot this by zooming from a really far distance. No tripod for stabilization.
  3. Couldn’t focus on the focus.
  4. This happened out of intuition and anticipation that the kid is going to turn back and look at her.

All I did was, just *cha*chik* in a flash of a second and this is what I got. I still loved it though. It was just innocence of that kid at it’s best.

I was still there in that street. Pacing up and down looking for some other random shots that I can shoot. That’s when I saw this and immediately shot this one too.

Either the kid was a real smooth talker, or my analysis of the first shot that I took was wrong, they were already friends. Anyhow, I would just like to conclude that they became good friends and since then have been together. There were a lot of other kids there, playing in the street. Probably they’re all one big gang of friends. It reminded me of my childhood days, when I used to have my own gang, and I would hang out with them making a ruckus in that neighbourhood. (Boy!!, do I sound like grampa!! I’m going old already, lol) Those were good times, until work came along.

5 thoughts on “OMG!!! She smiled at me!!

  1. These photos captured the intended emotions and that is what matters. The pshooting and rocessing errors you mentioned gives the photo a dream-state feel in the first shot and in the second I think it highlights the focus on the children and conveys their happiness and innocence very well… Just my humble opinion. I love them both!

  2. Wow, stunning photos. (I am a WordPress photographer too) I can definitely see all of the “mistakes” you pointed out, but nevertheless, those are what makes these photos so TRUE and natural. Beautiful job.

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