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She's so pretty. Don't you think she's pretty? I think she's pretty.

I was walking down the saidapet market street. That’s where i spotted this woman. She saw me taking pictures and started calling out to her friends in excitement. She was calling them out to get their pictures taken, actually it’s after this that i got comfortable taking pictures in that market lane. Until then, I had a feeling that a guy walking down the lane taking random shots was not welcome there.

I turned to her and asked her for a picture. She was happy but she was very shy. Whenever I had finished focusing and was just about to press that shutter button, she blushed, bent down her head and start laughing. This happened about 3 times already. I said “relax, just forget that I have a camera in my hand and your are just talking to me”. She took a deep breath and gave this expression. I jumped on that shutter button realising that it’s not gonna last for long and she’ll burst out shying and laughing any moment now. And she did.

After all that trouble, she gave this beautiful smile with a hint of blush

I showed her the picture in my camera and she laughed again. She said “I’m bald!!” I bent down showed her my balding head and told her “see, bald  is beautiful” 😀

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