We were on the way to Hyderabad in a train, I think it was Hyderabad express,to attend one of my cousin’s marriage. It was a night trip, that means we leave Chennai at night and reach Hyderabad the next morning. I woke up early in the morning. Probably it was the anxiety that I was going to meet my cousin after some ages. Or the noise of the passengers that were getting down in the intermediate stations. No No. I think I just wanted to pee. Any how, I just woke up and was taking some random pointless shots out the train window. Sometime later, dad woke up. He sat up and was trying to identify which station it was by searching for the boards that bear the station name. That’s when I shot this.

And later after shooting some more pointless shots, I took this. This time, I kind of noticed the expression called “waiting” on his face. That must have been it. Because I knew that even he was eager to meet his brothers and other relatives after a really really long time.

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