Grandma at the market

It was one sunday afternoon. I was strolling down in the koyambedu market with my camera taking shots of people around. I was shooting the portrait of a flower vendor when this old lady came to me. She had noticed me from a far and she came closer to get her picture taken. Rather she demanded that i take her picture. I obliged and shot this.

I made a panting for her. I don't know if she'll like the painting version or the original version when i give her print. I think i'll give her the original. She might not like this processing in this one.

I think a she knows a thing or two about Polaroid cameras. Because the next instant i took this shot she asked for a print. She didn’t know the name but she did describe a Polaroid camera. And how people get instant images. All you need to do is shake the print up and down. I had a tough time explaining about my camera’s limitation to her. I promised that i will be sharing the print with her the next time i go to the market.

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