HDR Tryouts around my neighborhood

I’m not a morning person. I usually wake up around 8 am in the morning. However, on this particular morning i thought to my self  “lets put that tripod i got to good use”. While everyone else were on their early morning walk in the park, i was pacing around with a camera mounted on my tripod. I very was staring at me thinking “Never seen this guy here before, and what’s he up to?” I was trying to ignore everyone around and tried to focus on the purpose why i took the trouble of getting up early in the morning.

I chose the park in my neighborhood as my first test subject. I positioned my tripod and shot the bracketed images. Here’s the final shot.

I made it a point to include the bridge in the frame. I liked it.

I started moving away from that place, hunting for my next location. To my luck i just moved a bit ahead, some 10 15 steps or so and i found this place. I loved the way the sunlight was falling from the gaps in the trees. Thus i set up from tripod to take my bracketed shots. Here’s the out put that i got after HDR processing.

Sunlight falling through trees makes a good subject for HDR photgraphy. (from my experience)

I walked further more around my neighborhood, looking for good HDR situations but i was disappointed. None as good as the ones above. I was walking back home and to my surprise i found this spot right in front of my building. It’s a small yard where a badminton court is set. I was happy also at felt so stupid to have walked all around the neighborhood searching for spots to photograph and finally come across one that’s actually right in front of the place where i live. Here’s the shot.

Some of my mates asked me to share this picture with them so that they can use it as wallpaper. If you feel like doing so too, please help yourselves. 🙂

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