The wait

And with a light of hope,
i lay in your wait,
to see you again,
to be wrapped in your embrace.

I’m suck at poetry. But i just felt that this piece of work of mine deserves a poetic introduction. I made this using Β 4 different shots. The girl, the landscape, the ship, and the foggy cloudy texture, all are different photos merged to create this art.

Here are the images that i used to create this manipulation. Everything else is done in photoshop.It took around 4 hours plus to get this out put.

26 thoughts on “The wait

  1. Hi! I’m in Texas, USA. I’ve got the same Triton Lite theme and am trying to take my blog up a notch. I found yours and have been so inspired! I love your work and the site. I’m an alcoholic and I love to teach the spiritual aspect of working the recovery program of the 12 Steps. Thankyou for the inspiration.

    1. That’s nice, glad to know that my work is inspiring others. Keep up the good work. And all the best.

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