Some times they tell a story

Ever come across a face where after looking you felt “what could he/she be thinking?” Or “what’s on his/her mind?” I usually come across such faces when i’m walking down a street. And if i have a camera in my hand, i do not hesitate to walk up to that person and ask for a picture. Something similar is the case with this guy. He had a different charm in his smile. And by the looks of him i was sure he isn’t a local.

I was taking a picture of another person and i intended to click this guy next but to my surprise he saw me and came up to me asking for a picture. Immediately pointed my camera at him and got this shot.

He’s a handsome bloke ain’t he? He’s from bihar. He loved it when i showed him his picture in my camera. We spoke in hindi. I said “Mast photo hai yaar (Damn good shot mate)”. With a shake hand, he said “thank you” and with that note he carried on his own way.

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