Rupture manipulation final

Rapture 2012

And so some part of the world’s population is baffled in fear that the world will end by 2012, Dec’21. Or was that 22. Anyway, i live as if the end of world is tomorrow. Make the most of today. That’s why it’s called “present”. It’s the only gift that we have at the moment that is truly ours. Ok, enough of philosophy. Honestly, i wouldn’t want the end to be so soon, however i would like to see this happen during my life time, some where during my own end of days. 😀

This is how i picture it in my mind when i see or hear the word rapture. Took some 4-5 hours on staring at my monitor but the effort was worth it.

The bible predicts it, the mayans are sure of it. And in my mind this is how i picture it. Are you ready for it?

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