It’s a portrait of a temple priest. The temple falls in between the way from my office to a tea shop that I usually go for tea breaks with me and my colleagues. I see this priest at times out side the temple sitting under a tree, reading, meditating or just relaxing for a while. I felt the urge to take a shot of him many a times but then my only source of photography was with a basic fuji point and shoot digicam or my trustee Sony Ericsson

I took this shot in july’11, the very next day I bought my new camera. Me and my colleagues were on the way to the tea shop and I took my cam with me just for some experimental shots. That’s when I saw the priest at his usual spot under the tree.

I felt a bit hesitated thinking how would he react and so just carried on my way to the tea shop. When returning I approached and asked if I can take a picture of him. He felt it kind of odd. Anyone would when a stranger comes up and suddenly asks to take your picture. I’ve done this before and usually people start with a volley of questions. “Why?” “What for?” “What will you do with my picture?.” But this guy, even though surprised, just agreed.

I took the picture and showed it to him, and he smiled and said “It’s nice son.” I smiled back, thanked him, and carried on my way back to work.

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