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Rowing in the moon light – Photo-manipulation using wacom tab

ROWING IN THE MOON LIGHT CONCEPT Very simple really. It took me a week just to get the line drawing done for a digital art that I’m working on at the moment. I… Continue reading

Silence – Black and white work flow

I wasn’t impressed with this shot when I had originally taken it and seen in the screen of my camera. I wasn’t even impressed when I opened it in my computer. I felt… Continue reading

High on Nungu's

I was walking down the street with my camera and I did some random shots around here and there. Then I came across this old man. Normally when I like some one’s face… Continue reading

The flower market

Flowers are a big part of Indian culture. They’re used while praying, women in India tie them in their hair like jewellery. Jasmine plays a vital role here. I but I some how find… Continue reading

Kaali & Kasturi

It was a hot sunday noon when i made a trip to the koyambedu market. It’s a open sky market with a few but huge market blocks here and there. Most of the… Continue reading

They didn't mind posing, I didn't mind clicking

I was taking random shots of some fruit vendors at a market. A huge group gathered around me to pose for the shots. A lot of them posed with their friends and some… Continue reading

With Dad, In a Train

I was sitting opposite to my dad in a train on another trip with him. I couldn’t help but think about a shot of him that I had taken earlier. It was the… Continue reading

Chatting up in a tea stall

I would do street shooting in candid. But both candid and non candids have their own flavor. I like to interact with my street subjects. I talk to them freely. Some people think… Continue reading

A picture of hardwork

Ever come across a person who just by looking at you would say “that person’s been through so much in life”? Happens, right? Happened to me too. It’s a hill station in Tamilnadu,… Continue reading

A Face that made my day

Just one. That is all I need. When I step out on the streets with my camera, I’m just out there to surprise my self. A lot of faces that I come across… Continue reading

A chance to express

People ask me if I like shooting candid or do I ask before I take a picture of someone. Well, I honestly cannot choose here. Because both the methods exhibit their own unique style. Candids… Continue reading

Banana Merchant

I was photographing the workers of this place. It’s a huge fruit market and there’s a really huge section just for bananas alone. The owner of this place was inside busy doing something… Continue reading

Learn to laugh at yourself

Myself and the guy in this shot, both burst out laughing when we saw this picture in my camera screen. LOL. What happened was, I had taken some shots of some of his friends… Continue reading

Watchman at my office complex

This is the shot of one of the watchmen at my work place. I was taking pictures of a colleague of mine when he came to me. Well, call me weird, but the moment… Continue reading

Break Time

No matter how much you love your work, no matter how passionate you re about it, and what ever be your line of work you are in, you need to take a break… Continue reading

The mango seller

It’s a pleasure to take pictures of people who love to pose for the camera. Portraits of people who are up to something, or interacting with the photographer do tend to look better… Continue reading

Reality, when it’s most real

That’s the best part about candid photography. It brings out life just the way you see it. If done properly, one can actually read the mind of the subject in a candid photograph.… Continue reading

Reality, when it's most real

That’s the best part about candid photography. It brings out life just the way you see it. If done properly, one can actually read the mind of the subject in a candid photograph.… Continue reading

Mosque at ancestral village

This is the shot of a mosque back at my ancestral village. This village, Banganapalli, is native to my grand parents. A little far away from the village, may be 5-7kms away, lies… Continue reading

The star within

Every one has got a star within them. There are some people who are not that comfortable in front of a camera. There also are some others who just love to pose. This… Continue reading

The Pear Man

This guy was very prompt for a pose. The moment he saw me walking with my camera called out for me. “Yengalku photo yeduka maatingla sir?” (Won’t you take a picture of me?)… Continue reading

More smiles per click

People are like mirrors, you smile at them, and chances are they will reciprocate in kind. Atleast that is the case with me when i’m street hunting. I just move away from those… Continue reading

Spreading smiles

The one thing that makes me stick to street photography is the smiles that i get from people when they see their photographs. It’s rewarding. This time i went to those places for… Continue reading

Killing Boredom

I was attending my cousin’s marriage in Hyderabad. Usually it’s not that boring because we all cousins get together and have a blast. This just wasn’t one of those days. It was a… Continue reading

Walking on Marina

Before you enter to the sea-shore of marina for a swim you’ll have these colorful stalls that sell refreshments. Some also sell toys for kids,  cheap jewelry, leather bags and stuff. The most prominent ones that… Continue reading


We were on the way to Hyderabad in a train, I think it was Hyderabad express,to attend one of my cousin’s marriage. It was a night trip, that means we leave Chennai at… Continue reading

Smile, it’s nature’s free face lift

I was walking down a market place one sunday after noon when i saw this old man, sitting in front of a shut down shop, trying to find shade from the sun. I… Continue reading