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Weekly photo challenge: Focus

TILT SHIFT This is a technique in which an image is selectively blurred to create an intense depth of field, thus creating a miniature effect. You must have seen those landscape shots where… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

I LEARNT A NEW WORD I didn’t know what it meant when I first saw the post. Then I googled it (google’s the grand father of all knowledge, literally) . So, it means… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Master Piece

ONE ART CAPTURES THE OTHER That’s the best part of being an artist. You can express a master piece by recreating it and presenting it in your own art. And photography does it… Continue reading

Weekly photo challenge – Escape

EXACTLY WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR The topic of this weeks’ photo challenge is something that I have been looking forward to these days. Escape, from my regular daily life, from my busy schedules… Continue reading

Weekly photo challenge: Up

MY FAVOURITE MOVIE!!! This weeks’s challenge is also the name of my favorite animation, Up!! I mean, that movie is the only thing that came to my when I first saw the challenge. However,… Continue reading

Waves – Mahabalipuram Beach (HDR Work Flow)

MAHABALIPURAM BEACH This is a retreat spot at about 100km from chennai. It’s a long drive along the East Coast Road. This is the first shot that I took of the beach when… Continue reading

Bylakuppe Buddhist Monastery – The golden temple

BYLAKUPPE: This is a small village that falls on the way to Coorg from Bangalore, after crossing Mysore. It’s about 250km from Bangalore. And by road, it takes up to four and a… Continue reading


RECAP The pictures form day 1 of the trip are right here.   TIME TO LEAVE Most of us on this trip, including my family were from Chennai, Tamilnadu. This place, Coorg, is… Continue reading

Enchanting Coorg – Karnataka (Day 1)

THE TRIP It was the wedding of my cousin. It was ending on a friday. And so we thought this would be the best chance to plan a family outing as all of… Continue reading

Broken bridge, Besant Nagar Beach

Backwaters are a branch of a main sea or river which runs alongside before rejoining it. The besant nagar beach’s backwaters is where you will find the broken bridge. The bridge is called… Continue reading

A Close Encounter with buffaloes – Broken bridge, besant nagar beach

My recent developments in my office have increased my official work by twice than what I had before. I hardly have time for music or photography now. Because of my tiring schedule, I… Continue reading

Pillion riding with my mom

THE TRAGEDY: The month of april 2012 brought a temporary set-back in my life. I met with an accident where my right hand got fractured in a road accident and was mummified in… Continue reading

Karl Schmidt Memorial – Besant Nagar Beach

THE PHOTOWALK: BESANT NAGAR BEACH OR ELLIOT’S BEACH It was supposed to happen at Besant Nagar beach. Besant Nagar is a popular area in Chennai, because of it’s beach, the Broken Bridge and… Continue reading

Photowalk at Alamparai fort

THE PHOTOWALK: I went on a photowalk with some of my photographer friends from photostrophe to this place called Alamparai fort. It’s a place more than a 100kms away from Chennai. We went to… Continue reading

Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus: The Koyambedu Bus stand

The Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus (I have no idea what Mofussil means) or CMBT in short, is the inter state passenger transport bus terminus that was started in 18 Nov 2002. It is… Continue reading

Terrace Shots

THE LAZY EVENING I didn’t have any plans this sunday evening. I had just woken up from my after noon siesta. I went up the terrace today and immediately rushed down back home… Continue reading

Road to paradise

This is the road that leads to my ancestral village. Bangana Palli. A remote village in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. This village is around 500 kms away from my city. Because… Continue reading

Little Penang Village

After we came down from the KL tower, there were a lot more other tourist attractions that could be seen. There was horse riding, virtual F1, merchandise stores and this place called little Penang… Continue reading

Tree of the hills

I know, I know, lame caption. But I couldn’t think of much. My writing is not as good as my pictures. Not even close. It was a party that went on till around… Continue reading

Mosque at ancestral village

This is the shot of a mosque back at my ancestral village. This village, Banganapalli, is native to my grand parents. A little far away from the village, may be 5-7kms away, lies… Continue reading

Petronas Towers Malaysia

I never get tired of shooting the petronas towers. The best part is every different angle, every different point of view makes you feel like taking its picture over and over again. The… Continue reading

Truckin' all the way

They were very particular that i shoot their picture with their truck. For that particular purpose, they brought the truck out, got on top of it and asked me to click.

Truckin’ all the way

They were very particular that i shoot their picture with their truck. For that particular purpose, they brought the truck out, got on top of it and asked me to click.

HDR, and what i know about it

I’m still learning the art of HDR. Ever since I first stumbled upon this process of photography I’ve become addicted to it. And it makes me do more and more of HDR photography.… Continue reading

Malaysian Public bank (IDK the exact name)

This is the shot of a public bank that stands in front of the petronas towers in KL, Malaysia. If you ask me, it was giving a pretty good competition to the petronas.… Continue reading

HDR Tryouts around my neighborhood

I’m not a morning person. I usually wake up around 8 am in the morning. However, on this particular morning i thought to my self  “lets put that tripod i got to good… Continue reading