My guru

Music is a divine connection with almighty. And i truly believe it. I listen to metal and trance mostly. But in few other occasions when i seek relaxation, tranquility or just to be at peace, I turn towards classical music. It’s a huge ocean of a subject to learn. I learn classical music from my guru, Smt. Gomathy ramamoorthy. I call her Gomathy aunty.

She has sung at various hindu festive occasions in temples in chennai. And also at various cultural events mainly those that are linked to hindu religion. Every one in her neighbourhood knows her and she’s quite a celebrity there. She is a member of  “Geetha Nivedhana Trust”, an organisation that works towards indian carnatic music by running a music school and also hosting cultural events at temples. This is my tribute to her.

Smt. is abbreviated as shrimathi, which is equivalent to the salutation Mrs. in english.