THE OFFICE TRIP The company for which I used to work was on a trip to a resort on ECR called the Blue Lagoon. It was so nice of them to invite me… Continue reading

Ainak Mahal – Baiganpalli

THE MIRROR PALACE That’s the literal translation of this name. Baiganpalli is a small but thriving village in andhrapradesh, a south indian state. This is the panoramic shot of the mirror palace. Some… Continue reading


PAINTING AFTER A LONG TIME I returned to my blog after quite a long break. Even more so to painting and photography. I started out on this new piece which is a character… Continue reading


BACK TRACKING There are a lot of photos which I had processed some time ago. I hadn’t posted them during the long break which I took from blogging. I was digging up and… Continue reading

Ooty Diaries – Anum

MY WIFE’S FAVOURTIE Me and my family went ooty last month. That my wife’s first travel holiday with my family. I’m pretty young in my family. So most of my cousins are married… Continue reading

Wayand Diaries – Dinesh

CAMERAS LOVE HIM This is a friend of mine, Dinesh. Spend a few minutes of your time with him and you won’t even know when did you get to familiar with this guy.… Continue reading


DOLPHIN NOSE VIEW POINT – OOTY Don’t ask me why it’s called that. May be because it’s shaped that way. I don’t know. But that’s what it was called. I was tired from… Continue reading


MY ACCOUNT GOT HACKED Hi Everyone Missed y’all so much. My wordpress account got hacked. Someone from Iraq, apparently, has hacked my password and got access to wordpress account. And not only that… Continue reading

Intruder Alert!!!

BEEN A REALLY REALLY REALLY LONG TIME!!! When I logged back into my blog, I saw the last post was some where in august 2013. It’s been such a long time since I… Continue reading

Weekly photo challenge: Focus

TILT SHIFT This is a technique in which an image is selectively blurred to create an intense depth of field, thus creating a miniature effect. You must have seen those landscape shots where… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

ARE YOU FEELIN’ ME? This week’s challenge best describes that feeling which most of us yearn for these days in our daily mundane lives. That’s how I’m with most of the things that… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

I LEARNT A NEW WORD I didn’t know what it meant when I first saw the post. Then I googled it (google’s the grand father of all knowledge, literally) . So, it means… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Master Piece

ONE ART CAPTURES THE OTHER That’s the best part of being an artist. You can express a master piece by recreating it and presenting it in your own art. And photography does it… Continue reading

Rose is Rose

ROSE CONCEPT I don’t know what is it with me and women blooming out of a flower with fantasy wings. Even when I was trying come up with the basic sketch of my… Continue reading

color blending in photoshop

WILL IT BLEND? When I used to see digital paintings, my mind would just be blown to bits thinking about how the hell do people give such a smooth color gradation? Because, at… Continue reading

On the Shore of alamparai

CATCHING UP WITH PHOTOGRAPHY It’s been a long time since I have posted a photograph. I’ve been spending so much time delving into digital art that it’s taking up maximum of my available… Continue reading

Death is coming, you ready?

STILL LEARNING Some people have asked me to share a tutorial on making digital art. One of the facebook groups asked me to do a session on digital art during one their meet ups.… Continue reading

Weekly photo challenge – Escape

EXACTLY WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR The topic of this weeks’ photo challenge is something that I have been looking forward to these days. Escape, from my regular daily life, from my busy schedules… Continue reading

Back to where I started

HOWDY!!! IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME Some of you who are seeing this post on may remember me. Some of you may not. For those that remember me, yes I’m back from… Continue reading

Weekly photo challenge: Up

MY FAVOURITE MOVIE!!! This weeks’s challenge is also the name of my favorite animation, Up!! I mean, that movie is the only thing that came to my when I first saw the challenge. However,… Continue reading

Death – Darksiders2 Art

SLIGHT IMPROVEMENTS This time, when I started sketching the line art, I wanted to reduce on time I spend on making art. I also had in mind that I will not compromise on… Continue reading

Warrior Princess – Digital Painting

SEEKING INSPIRATION Like any other aspiring artist, I too try to seek inspiration from other artists. Recently, I stumbled upon this amazing artist in, and I instantly fell in love with her… Continue reading

Strange Attraction (Wacom tab painting)

XENOMORPHS Every minute that I spent on sketching the xenomorph I was admiring the swiss art genius, H.R.Giger. Their design is so simple yet complex. Xenomorphs were his origninal brain child for the… Continue reading

Bloom (Digital painting using wacom tab)

LONG TIME NO UPDATES I know, I know, it’s been a really really long time. My work schedules have been hectic. I hardly get time to go out, shoot and process images. Same… Continue reading

Muffin – The Persian (Awesome miniature)

CAPTURE INDEPENDENTLY No matter how high-end be your photography equipment, it helps to be old school at time. I’m sure most of us started out with photography with our camera phones. That’s how I… Continue reading

Music makes you loose control – digital art using wacom tab

WACOM TAB ART It’s official. I just can’t get enough of my wacom tab. Thanks to some developments that happened at my work place lately, I’m not able to focus much on photography… Continue reading

Babul Hawaej – Bangalore

PLACE OF WORSHIP Masjid-e-Askari is the oldest mosque located in the heart of the capital city of Karnataka. Bangalore house about 10,000 shia muslims, and this place is their most prefered place of… Continue reading

Rowing in the moon light – Photo-manipulation using wacom tab

ROWING IN THE MOON LIGHT CONCEPT Very simple really. It took me a week just to get the line drawing done for a digital art that I’m working on at the moment. I… Continue reading

Wacom Tab – Digital Portrait Painting – Glamorous Acid

Remember the old days, when portrait painting mean the subject the had to sit still for long hours. Thanks to digitization in art none of that hardship is needed. Now all one needs… Continue reading

Queen of the Night – Wacom tab Digital painting Tutorial

QUEEN OF THE NIGHT CONCEPT There’s nothing complex about the concept actually. I wanted to create a dark and sexy digital painting wallpaper for my desktop. That’s what made me create this. Moonlight… Continue reading

Kids at Mahabalipuram beach

THE PHOTOWALK This is a shot from the previous photowalk at Mahabalipuram beach. Where a group of us photographers shot to capture some exciting beach surfing moments. Most of the others captured some… Continue reading

Portrait Painting using wacom tab

WACOM TAB + PHOTOSHOP = AWESOMENESS I bought my wacom tab during the second week of october and since then, digital art has not been the same for me. The possibilities seem endless.… Continue reading

Waves – Mahabalipuram Beach (HDR Work Flow)

MAHABALIPURAM BEACH This is a retreat spot at about 100km from chennai. It’s a long drive along the East Coast Road. This is the first shot that I took of the beach when… Continue reading

Smile – photowalk at Mahabalipuram

THE PHOTOWALK Today was a very productive Sunday. Unlike my other Sunday’s, this one started very early, at 4.15am. And at about 5, our gang of photostrophers started out for a really long drive… Continue reading

Silence – Black and white work flow

I wasn’t impressed with this shot when I had originally taken it and seen in the screen of my camera. I wasn’t even impressed when I opened it in my computer. I felt… Continue reading

Bylakuppe Buddhist Monastery – The golden temple

BYLAKUPPE: This is a small village that falls on the way to Coorg from Bangalore, after crossing Mysore. It’s about 250km from Bangalore. And by road, it takes up to four and a… Continue reading


RECAP The pictures form day 1 of the trip are right here.   TIME TO LEAVE Most of us on this trip, including my family were from Chennai, Tamilnadu. This place, Coorg, is… Continue reading

Enchanting Coorg – Karnataka (Day 1)

THE TRIP It was the wedding of my cousin. It was ending on a friday. And so we thought this would be the best chance to plan a family outing as all of… Continue reading

Nature’s work of art

I had read this some where, I wish I could remember where. Youth is nature’s gift. Old age is nature’s work of art This is the exact phrase that went through my mind… Continue reading

All Hail the Tree God

I HAVEN’T STOPPED PHOTOGRAPHY: Some people have asked me whether I’ve stopped photography. No. That’s still something that I love to do. And still enjoy doing it. The only problem is my work… Continue reading

Got you!!! (The Styx Concept)

I’ve not done any photo-manipulations for a long time now. Because it’s not how much you know about it, it’s how much time you patiently spend on making it. There have been quite… Continue reading

Broken bridge, Besant Nagar Beach

Backwaters are a branch of a main sea or river which runs alongside before rejoining it. The besant nagar beach’s backwaters is where you will find the broken bridge. The bridge is called… Continue reading

Reflections – Broken bridge, besant nagar beach

I shot these reflections at the back waters of besant nagar beach. The still water was almost like a huge sheet of mirror.             TECHNICALITIES: I can share… Continue reading

A Close Encounter with buffaloes – Broken bridge, besant nagar beach

My recent developments in my office have increased my official work by twice than what I had before. I hardly have time for music or photography now. Because of my tiring schedule, I… Continue reading

High on Nungu's

I was walking down the street with my camera and I did some random shots around here and there. Then I came across this old man. Normally when I like some one’s face… Continue reading

Pillion riding with my mom

THE TRAGEDY: The month of april 2012 brought a temporary set-back in my life. I met with an accident where my right hand got fractured in a road accident and was mummified in… Continue reading

My guru

Music is a divine connection with almighty. And i truly believe it. I listen to metal and trance mostly. But in few other occasions when i seek relaxation, tranquility or just to be at peace,… Continue reading

The flower market

Flowers are a big part of Indian culture. They’re used while praying, women in India tie them in their hair like jewellery. Jasmine plays a vital role here. I but I some how find… Continue reading